2015 Encore is offering a CCA competition with all categories offered. The qualifiers from this competition will be eligible to compete in the 2016 Showdown of Champions. The competition will be in Mills Auditorium, which is connected to the Convention Center, on Friday.

» 2015 CCA Sanctioned Category Rules
» 2015 Traditional Category Rules

Visit the Registration page for competition entry forms.

Doors open at 9:00 AM
Dancers & Spectators from the workshop are welcome to come and watch the competition. Your armband will get you in, however your competition band will not get you into the workshop.
Duos will begin 10:00
Choreographed solos 11:00
All solos, including A capella and Starz, will begin at 1:00
Teams will begin at 3:30 Order is Starz! Amateur, Traditional, Hip Hop and Challenge. We have 130 team dances. We will run the competition as quickly as possible.
The order of categories is as follows:
Standing Line, Small Team, Exhibition, Precision, Traditional Line,
Traditional Moving Line, Hoedown, Moving Line. Artistic Expression.
There will be a directors meeting at 9:30.
There will be a concession stand right outside the auditorium. No outside food is allowed.