Exhibitions will be on Saturday night at 7:30pm with the doors opening at 7:00pm. You can sign up by sending an email to Lynne@Smokymountainencore.com.

A list of teams will be posted throughout the convention center. You should bring your music to the side of the stage for a sound check during the routine prior to yours’ in the exhibition line up. Music should be on a CD, ipod or ipad.

There will be a dance-off of the top scoring teams from the night before.

Themed Production Show
The show will be held on Saturday evening following exhibitions, competition and instructor introductions. “See a professionally-staged production show put on for cloggers, by cloggers.” Featuring some of the country’s top clogging teams, great singers and lots of fun and surprises. The show is always a highlight of the weekend!

If you are interested in performing in our show, please contact us at: mattsexton@silhouettes.com or lynne@smokymountainencore.com

Reserved Seating:
Regular seating for the night time events is included with your dancer pass, weekend spectator pass, and one-day spectator passes.

In order to purchase reserved seating for Saturday night, you must also have a spectator or dancer pass. In other words, to get into the door at any time, you must have arm band. To have a reserved seat, you must have an arm band and a reserved seat ticket.

REMEMBER: Your seats are chosen for you so make sure you make a note on your registration if you want to sit by someone specifically, or have one person order them. Pick-up will be on Saturday from 11:00 until 2:00 in the hallway at the back entrance of Hall C.

If you do not pre-order you may purchase tickets at the above times, but please realize there won’t be many left, if any.